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Samara Strike


Your sustainable event breakdown crew,

or your handy set-up team.

Now you just need to plan the wedding!


You may already have a venue in mind, a day picked out, and about a thousand inspirational images. Or maybe you haven't decided on anything yet and want to collaborate on an original design.


All you really need to know is that you want beautiful wedding flowers and a florist who has your back, and if so - you’re in the right place!!

With Samara Floral, you'll have support from start to finish, as we create your custom floral design, communicate with you throughout the planning process, set up the flowers on your wedding day, and clean it up that night.

I can help you feel confident and excited about your wedding flowers!

Hi! I’m Sheridan, the originator of Samara Floral, and I design modern wedding flowers.

My journey to becoming an Atlanta floral artist and event design professional started in college.


During summers spent working at the Atlanta Botanical Garden and on vegetable farms in Colorado, I fell in love with flowers, plants, and hard work.


Following graduation, I worked on an “agriturismo” in Italy where art and architecture helped cultivate my aesthetic and eye for design.


And for the last 5 years, I’ve been flowering weddings all over the southeast, and loving every minute of it!

Get to know
Where would you most like to live?


I would love to live in a valley between the mountains, where the soil is really fertile and I can grow all kinds of things...and the weather is perfect.


Like North Carolina or Tennessee maybe.

What sustainability practices do you implement in your business?

We never use floral foam in any of our designs. If you don't know what that is, it's basically a bunch of micro-plastics that never decompose...yuck!

Also, we recycle as many materials as possible AND we aim to compost the majority of our organic waste.

What is your greatest extravagance?

I have to pick 3! Travel, food, and art.

These are probably very common, but honestly, what’s better? 

And although I’m a  budget-conscious person, the budget can get thrown out the window when I feel the itch to travel to a new place, eat an amazing meal, or see a beautiful piece that tugs at my heart.

Where do you get your flowers?

I like to source product from a few places including my local wholesaler and small farms.

And, whenever I can, I go foraging for that extra special, native touch!

Samara Floral is an Atlanta, Georgia based contemporary floral design studio. We take a limited number of weddings every year so that we can be fully invested in each one. Check out the portfolio to see if our previous work intrigues you.

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