Samara Floral is an Atlanta based dream of Sheridan Weaver to create designs that excite, intrigue, and encourage people to see their environment through new eyes. She hopes to inspire an appreciation for the lighter and darker aspects of life by conveying the beauty of raw emotion, intimate moments, and the mysterious nature of the world.

While studying for a BA in Horticulture at the University of Georgia, Sheridan spent summers working at the Atlanta Botanical Garden and on vegetable farms in Colorado where she developed her love of plants and hard work. Following graduation, she went abroad to work on a vineyard in Italy where art, architecture, and the simpler way of life helped to cultivate her unique aesthetic and eye for design.

After gaining experience freelancing for several years, she has decided to step out on her own to share her personal, floral expression. When she’s not hiking or at yoga class, Sheridan spends her time planning her next adventure with her beloved cat, Shane.

©2018 by Samara Floral